About the artist(s)
Megan Gottfried

I’m a junior in high school. I’ve been in choir for 8 years and have been singing since 3rd grade. I learned to sail this summer, and love stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. I have an adventurous younger sister, a really smart mom, and a punny dad.

Artist Interview

When did you first encounter the 24 Italian Songs & Arias? And how did you feel about them then and now?

I first encountered the 24 Italian Songs & Arias in voice lessons two years ago. It was a challenge to have to sing in a different language, and I struggled with the amount of technique that some of the songs required to sing. Now, the Italian songs are some of my favorites because Italian has beautiful vowels to sing, and my strong foundation of technique makes the songs fun to sing.

What have you learned about yourself on your journey with singing?

I have learned how to tell a story. Since the songs are in a different language, someone who doesn’t speak Italian. Being the artist, it is my job to understand the text I’m singing and convey that message to the audience. I love being able to tell a classic story through my own lens, with my own emotion. It is definitely a learned skill, that I have developed over time through singing.